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Troy Burns Family’s newest studio recording “All We Need to Know” was released on July 29, 2022. Physical disks now available for immediate shipping!

All We Need to Know (CD)

SKU: CD-2022-ALL-1
    • We’re In The Same Boat
    • All You Need to Know
    • It Won’t Be Today
    • I Am A Believer
    • I’m Praying For You
    • Be Happy
    • You’re Holding Me
    • He’s Still Writing In The Sand
    • Never Have To Wonder
    • Hurting People

    Produced by Shane Roark
    Recorded at Chapel Valley Studio, Sharps Chapel, TN.

    • Track Engineer: Jonathan Kitts
    • ProTools Engineers: Jonathan Kitts & Johnathan Presnell
    • Mixed: Shane Roark
    • Mastered: Jonathan Kitts
    • Piano, Keyboards & Orchestration: Shane Roark
    • Electric Guitar: David Castle
    • Bass Guitar: Burton Akers
    • Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Banjo: Greg English
    • Steel Guitar & Dobro: Tony Dingus
    • Mandolin: Greg English
    • Mandolin & Fiddle: Tim Crouch
    • Banjo: Greg English
    • Orchestration: Shane Roark
    • Drums & Percussion: Johnathan Presnell
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